TTAB: Don’t let that notice cramp your trial!

Whether because of a third-party opposition or cancellation of your client’s trademark, it’s highly probable that at some point you’ll receive a notice that a client of yours has been called up before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. And they’ll inevitably come to you first for advice. Even if you normally refer out oppositions, it’s helpful to be able to understand them fully. You might even consider adding filing oppositions and defending against oppositions as part of your practice. In this workshop, Brandon Leavitt will guide you through effective ways to read, break down, and respond to oppositions. Participants will learn:

  • The differences between TTAB proceedings and standard federal litigation
  • How to look up and interpret TTAB opposition and cancellation notices
  • Ways to determine and then advise client about the merits of the challenge
  • How to effectively respond to a notice