Heaven Madrid: When WIPO filings can save you (and when to avoid them)

WIPO’s International (Madrid) System for registering trademarks is often considered a panacea for easy and painless registration of trademarks abroad without engaging a local trademark counsel. However, despite all the advantages of the Madrid System, it has traps unknown to trademark professionals who don’t deal with international registrations every day. In this roundtable, trademark attorney Taras Kulbaba will moderate a discussion for the participants to share their experiences working with the Madrid System, talk about its advantages and disadvantages, and discuss best practices for international trademark registration and management. In particular, participants will discuss:

  • Choosing the most relevant filing strategy
  • Preparing the list of goods/services for international registrations
  • Recognizing potential upsides to Irregularity Notices
  • Avoiding (and sometimes ignoring) Provisional Refusals
  • Managing international trademarks after registration