Enforcing Your Right to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life

Stress turns everything into a mess, but the struggle to meet the demands of clients, pay your bills, AND come out a healthy, happy human is real! Join Tamara Pester Schklar, owner and founder of TMBTQ trademark law boutique and the founder of the Learn Trademarks class, and corporate wellness trainer and health and happiness strategist Michelle Zellner for this roundtable discussion. The secrets to building a thriving practice, without sacrificing your wellbeing, will be revealed. You will walk away with the tools to enforce your rights of health and happiness. Mark our words: you won’t want to miss it! Participants will discuss:

  • Setting expectations (and boundaries) with clients
  • Reducing stress associated with billing and collections
  • Warning signs that stress is persisting
  • Practical tools to pause the stress response
  • Lifestyle strategies to support your wellbeing