The Business of Evaluation: Effective employee evaluations and feedback

What do you do when the executive assistant who wowed you during the interview process is suddenly not carrying their weight? How do you motivate the associate who has asked tons of questions but still doesn’t quite hit the mark when assignments are due? Most law schools don’t teach us how to manage associates, assistants, and other team members, but clear and consistent leadership absolutely has the power to make your firm productive (and profitable). In this workshop, Firm for the Culture founder Rukayatu Tijani will share how to lead employees to make them feel motivated, inspired, and excited about their work. In particular, she will offer practical ways to promote clarity and consistency in law firm management, by focusing primarily on employee evaluations, which will include a discussion on:

  • When to conduct employee evaluations
  • How to train team members to self-evaluate
  • What goes into effective benchmarks for success
  • How to incorporate evaluations into periodic meetings for quick implementation