Michelle Zellner

Founder of Better Beings

Michelle Zellner is the founder and owner of Better Beings, a wellness business established in 1997 that’s designed to guide people in pursuit of health and happiness. As an author, keynote speaker, corporate wellness trainer and lifestyle coach, Michelle has informed, influenced and inspired thousands on their journeys. Her booksThe YOU Revolution; The Journey of a Better Being and The PFF is Your BFF Handbook; a Simple Guide to Fueling Your Busy Body, offer foundational information and outline her proven strategies. Additionally, YOU Revolution YOUniversity, is an online option, offering a variety of courses to educate and empower anyone striving to live their best life. To reach a greater audience, Michelle recently launched the Be a Better Being Podcast. The Be a Better Being Foundation is her latest effort to continue the mission to promote healthy lifestyle habits. The foundation will support individuals and organizations involved in enhancing the wellbeing of today’s youth. You can learn more about Michelle by visiting her website, Betterbeings.net.