Nothing Compares to Using Others’ Brands?: Limitations of comparative advertising

“Compare to Aleve,” “Miller Lite has more taste than Bud Light,” “If you like Obsession, you’ll love Confess,” and “Don’t Get Scroogled By Google” are all examples of comparative advertising, and all may risk trademark infringement claims. The advent of internet advertising and bidding for competitors’ trademarks has further muddied the waters for brand owners and trademark attorneys alike. In this session, veteran trademark attorney and educator Richard Lehv of Fross Zelnick will explain the basic parameters of comparative advertising as well as:

  • When and how companies can use competitors’ trademarks in their advertising
  • Strategies and best practices for comparative advertising
  • Minimizing likelihood of confusion in online advertising and website design
  • How legal and marketing teams can work together to ensure compliance
CLE Pending Individual Talk Trademark Practice