Market to Your Heart’s Content: Creating content to generate business

Only a hilariously talented few become an overnight sensation by going viral online; however, creating and posting online content can dramatically increase your visibility and land you more clients. In this session, attorney and firm founder Kyona McGhee will talk you through how to use social media—and its ever-changing algorithm—to grow your client list and increase your cash flow. She’ll explain how she’s grown her firm from nothing to a seven-figure practice in just a few years and reveal how to create marketing campaigns that convert and how to turn clients into raving fans. In particular, she’ll discuss how to:

  • Find and build an audience of the right followers
  • Determine which topics your content should address
  • Identify which media and platforms will work best for your firm
  • Produce alluring and authentic content
  • Monetize your fanbase to turn followers into clients

Firm Operations Individual Talk