Live TTAB Hearing

During this live TTAB hearing, the audience will be able to view and observe an oral hearing for the opposition proceeding, Eden Foods, Inc. v. The Ethnic Group LLC dba Edenic Blends. During this hearing, we will hear oral arguments from both parties to this proceeding.

By way of background, Michigan-based company Eden Foods, Inc. filed an opposition proceeding against The Ethnic Group LLC’s application for EDENIC BLENDS & Design as used in connection with vitamin and mineral supplements. Eden Foods is a leading producer of natural and organic products under a family of trademarks consisting in whole or part of the brand name EDEN. It began using its marks in the 1960’s and sells over 300 EDEN-related products throughout the United States. Eden Foods has a long history of protecting its marks before the USPTO and has filed several other TTAB proceedings, opposing other EDEN-related marks as used in connection with food and beverage goods/services and other related goods and services.

The Ethnic Group claims that there is no likelihood of confusion between its application for EDENIC BLENDS & Design and Eden Foods’ marks based on differences in design, sound, connotation and commercial impression, and the goods and services.

The parties have been submitting briefs back and forth before the TTAB, and now it’s time for oral arguments. Let’s hear what the parties have to say!

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