Go with the Current: Recent changes in IP law

From MSCHF’s Wavy Baby shoe to MetaBirkins, several brands and products have pushed the boundaries of IP protection. Brands’ uses, polities’ laws, and courts’ decisions all require practitioners to stay on top of trends. Fortunately, this panel is here to help you make sense of the policies, legislation, and litigation most likely to impact your practice. In this panel, Christine Farley of American University will lead Tiffany Shimada of Greenberg Traurig and Chris Turk of FisherBroyles in a discussion about current IP news. Topics may include:

  • The intersection of IP protection and the First Amendment
  • The rise of generic refusals and increasing risks of genericide
  • Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith and its impact on derivative works
  • Web 3 and its impact on IP protection
  • Russian IP policies in response to the war with Ukraine
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